Reasons To Consider Ductless HVAC Instead Of A Ducted System

Are you planning to revamp your HVAC system, or install a new one? Do you think that it’s still worth it to have the ducted HVAC system that’s been in the house since you bought it? There are many reasons to choose modern ductless HVAC over ducted systems; let’s look into the subject and see what’s involved.

You can certainly guess from their name that ducted air conditioning systems provide air conditioning through ducts in your office or your home and yes, there are factors to consider when staying with this type of HVAC. It’s a big unit, which consists of a compressor, condenser, and an air handling unit. This is a pretty big type of machinery so you would expect it to be somewhere hidden or out of sight, such as basements, garages, or attics. The conditioning that this HVAC has is heating and cooling throughout the building or home using ducts and vents.

With that being said, of course, there are definitely reasons for you to go to ductless HVAC. One of which is it creates a small footprint. Smaller footprint means that it takes up a smaller amount of storage or space by a lot than the ducted HVAC. The usual spots of these ductless air ducts are high up on the wall or almost to the ceiling.

Let’s face it, ducted HVACs are somehow a type of old school machinery. What you’d need to think about is the next reason. The fact the ductless HVACs should create less noise that the ducted ones. With the ducted HVAC, you would usually hear the whistling of the air through the ductwork and the vents. This is something that’s not occurring in a ductless HVAC. This is great for light sleepers and they would not wake up to the noise of the ducts and vents.

There are flexible positioning for the ductless HVAC and of course, it’s not always great as there are definitely limitations to the heating and cooling efficiency of the HVAC but will still definitely help you target the temperature that you need.

Ducted air ducts would often contain contaminants, and irritants that remains stagnant usually when the HVAC is turned off, and of course, with the ductless HVAC, you would be able to enjoy irritant-free air conditioning, less cost of HVAC duct cleaning.

Some HVAC allows you to get a control of different rooms and sections independently that would change settings even if you’re not in the room yet.

Those are just a few some of the reasons, if you want, you can check out a few more things in any search engine that would back-up the reason on why you should move on to the ductless HVAC so that you don’t miss out.